Tuesday, January 31, 2017

National Signing Day Eve....

So, things will mostly be settled by tomorrow morning.  Just got back from the men's basketball game....post on that coming later.  For now, a couple updates at least on recruiting.

The biggest news is that Noah Harvey is going to MSU.  You had to worry when he took the visit up there.  He would have been very good for us, but this is what happens when you recruit at that level.  I always say...it is his life and he should go to college where he wants.  Wish him nothing but the best.

BG also now has a verbal from Derek Downs, a 6'7" 305 OT from Westerville North.  According to this, BG was his only FBS offer, but he had a dozen other offers and until today he was a commit to Youngstown State, which has a pretty good coach and program.  Usually I try to find more about guys, but frankly we will see all that tomorrow.

There might be some other changes....there were hints of a lot of movement from John Wagner today.  It will all be clear soon.  Your best source of info is BGSU tomorrow, they will do a great job updating you as each signee's letter comes in.  I have a widget set up here that you can use to watch their feed if you prefer.

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