Friday, January 20, 2017

Football Opponents Released

So, as the football coaches work toward another official visit weekend, which is key, the MAC announced the opponents for 2017.  Dates and game times are still forthcoming.

The idea is that it is the same people we played last year in the MAC, just flipped.  This is actually good for BG, who get UT, NIU, Akron and OU at home.  That's a good schedule for fans and it is a good schedule for our team having a shot to win the East.

Meanwhile, we go to Buffalo, Kent, Miami and EMU.  You need road wins to win (even) the East and a couple of those are going to be tough.  Especially Miami and EMU, who appear to be on the rise.

If you are thinking about winning the East and need to construct 6 wins, and even with this schedule it looks tough.  Not sure what the outlook is for NIU....but OU will be a tough game even at the Doyt.  Let's say you win 3 home games.  You need 3 road games.  Even with Buffalo and Kent, you will need to win at Miami or EMU.  Or run the table at home.  Which would be great because that would mean we beat Toledo.

I've said on twitter that I don't think we can really compete until 2018.  I just see a lack of playmakers on defense and offense.  If we do win in 2017, then we will have answered questions about our coaching.  Even in the East, I don't see this clicking out.

The non-conference schedule is really tough.  Yes, we play South Dakota, who were 4-7 last year.  However, BG plays @MSU, @Northwestern and @Middle Tennessee State. That's tough and likely 3 losses.

So, if you're looking for a .500 season and a bowl game, you might see South Dakota, Kent, Buffalo, OU, Akron, NIU.

Anyway, fodder for January.

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