Thursday, February 04, 2016

National Signing Day Recap

OK, so the dust has settled and National Signing Day is now done.  Let's recap....

First, I think BG did as well as they could do given the coaching change.  They kept 11 of the Babers recruits and picked up some players who appear to be good in the short time they had to work with.  The rankings were among the lower in the MAC (that I have seen), but I don't worry about that too much.  Recruit classes sort themselves out in years, not today.

You can read the official release here.

I watched the Coach Jinks presser.  He said he wasn't going to reach in this time frame, which I applaud. There's always time to get the right guys next year once we get acclimated.  In the meantime, there isn't much Jinks can say.  Every coach in America is going to say he is high on his class, got playmakers and good character guys...

Coach said that there could be some more JUCO guys, though I thought he sounded cautious on the idea.  He recognizes the possible downside, especially since the more qualified JUCO guys sign mid-year like Skattebo did.

He talked about how recruiting as a Head Coach was different than as a position coach.  That's something that has concerned a lot of us, but that's the course we've charted, top to bottom.

He also said that we went to our older haunts to get the guys we did get, which is obvious when you look.  That's Florida and Texas.  However, Jinks is committed to building relationships in our backyard.  This will be his first big test, given that he starts from nearly ground zero.  The goal is to get Ohio and Michigan guys in the future.

I keep hearing how all you have to do is listen to him talk and you'll be impressed, I haven't actually seen anything as impressive as that.  Seems like he's a pretty average talker.  Anyway, I don't really care if he can talk, but other people keep bringing it up.

We went heavy on o-lineman, picking up 4 of them.  The only other position with more was at WR, where BG picked up surprise there.  The one position I feel like we are kind of upper classmen-heavy on is RB.

One late guy we hadn't heard about or talked about was Marquis Zimmerman from Lakeland FL.  He was all-state in his division.

The day's biggest disappointment was Jordan Williams.  He was originally a UT recruit from Texas...and BG felt that they had flipped him.  It was in The Blade, there was veiled Twitter gloating, and then he went back to UT.  That's obviously not great but the young man can go where he wants.

Anyway, for today, I think things are as good as could have been expected.  Look forward to seeing what we have in the Fall!

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