Friday, February 26, 2016

Huger: "We did nothing well."

And he's right.

BG lost by 35 to Akron Friday night at the JAR.  It was a one-sided game where Akron completely dominated the Falcons for, more or less, the entire 40 minutes.  I love our guys, I love this team, this program, the University.  I'm excited about the future and our coach.  But you can't pretend this isn't true:  a team in our conference had its way with us tonight and, according to our Coach, effort was the issue, and that can't ever make you happy.  How our guys end up being lackadaisical after one win in 8 games...I can't understand that.  Again, we didn't lose to MSU or Kansas by 35.  A team in our conference.

I listened to Coach's presser.  I liked what I heard.  He didn't, in his words, "sugar coat" anything.  He said how it was, which was the following.

  • We came out not ready to play.
  • Our plan on 3s was to close out stronger.  "We wanted to not help on dribble penetration and we still did it."
  • "They did a good job of hitting the open man and we did a poor job"
  • "Lackadaisical attitude, think you don't have to be intense to play, that's the 35 point victory."
  • "Intensity, we had none, like it was a vacation for us"
  • "Nothing to pull out of it positive.
  • "Not one to try and sugar coat it.
  • "We did nothing well."

On the BG turnovers...

  • "We caused the turnovers, that was the turnover problem."

Lineup change was "designed to get a quicker start.  Got us off to more turnovers."

Can't give a better description than that.  How our guys decided to be on vacation is a mystery?  Glad Coach saw the problem for what it was.

Here's the statistical total.  One-sided on every front.  Akron shoots the lights out, BG shoots poorly.  Akron takes good care of the ball, BG is bad.  BG had 3...YES 3, offensive rebounds.  And BG hardly got to the line and only shot 50%.

So the beat goes on.  Akron continues its mastery over the Falcons and this one was about as bad as it has been.  BG had lost once by 35 and once by 36 in the decade-long streak, and this was right in that wheelhouse.

The bad thing is it happened.  The good thing is Coach Huger gets it and there is nowhere--NOWHERE--to go from there but up.

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