Sunday, February 28, 2016

MAC Reset...BG on road for MAC Tourney

Well, here it is...chaos #maction style.  There are eight teams within one game of one of the 4 byes.  That's going to be crazy.  I think this is going to be another tie breaker special.

BG is mathematically sure to be on the road, trailing the 8th place team by 3 with 2 to play.  Who we will play---that guess is as good as anyone's.  I suppose people will be figuring that out over the next few days.  If it was today, BG would play Kent, but that's still a wide open question.  BG could also still finish last, for whatever that is worth or not worth.  If I had to wish for a place to play, I'd take NIU, which I think is the weakest team in that middle pack, but we'd be an underdog against any of them.

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