Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gomez Goes

One other note from last night's win over Ohio U., BG announced that Josh Gomez had left the team for academic reasons.  He was a senior.

He never really found a place at BG.  He played 26 games for Coach Orr and 25 for Jans, both in the 5-7 mpg range.  He really didn't find a place with this year's squad, even as size challenged as they are.  He has played in only 8 games this year.  He transferred from Iona...when he did, Coach Orr had a lot to say about him, much of which is pretty humorous now.

Anyway, best of luck to Josh in his future life.  I hope he finishes his career and has a successful life.

Good as time as any to look at the roster.  BG loses Gomez, Parker and Joseph off this year's team, with one scholarship saved from last year.  They have signed two players, both PGs....Rodrick Caldwell and Dylan Frye.  This team needs players and recruiting will be as big a deal as anything in determining the success of the Huger years.

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