Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dieter to Graduate, Transfer

Finally, the story is over.  Gehrig Dieter will graduate from BG in May and then transfer to play football for the University of Alabama.  This was the most widely spread rumor in town, going back to when I first heard about it from  Didn't report anything here because I didn't have any factual information and I'm not a reporter....I'm writing about  my observations and opinions, but I don't have sources, etc.

Anyway, a few days ago Dieter pulled BGSU off of his twitter handle and the die appeared to be cast and today, during the basketball game, it was made official.

First things first.  I wish him well.  It isn't like he's transferring to Toledo.  He's going to the top program in the country where he will be having a chance to play for the national title, be on a bigger stage, develop his skills further in the SEC.  It is his life and if this is what he wants to do--and it is 100% within the rules--that's his call.  Roll Tide.

Do I wish we lived in a world where someone like Dieter was excited about taking a new QB under his wing and playing with the teammates he knows and leading BG back to the MAC title?  Sure.  But that isn't the world we live in and Gehrig Dieter didn't make it this way.

We can't even rail against the graduate transfer rule since we have used it for a starting punter and a starting safety, at a minimum and might well try to use it this year if the chance comes up.

Honestly, if it was your kid, what would you tell him to do?

Now, looking to the 16 season, this is a pretty big deal.  BG has now lost Johnson, Greene, Lewis, Burbrink and Dieter off last year's offense.  With Dieter and Moore back, you would still have had the basis for a pretty good receiving corps, but now it turns much more into a question mark, especially with the biggest question mark at QB.

After Moore, the next returning receiver is Teo Redding with 13 catches.  This is why the Darrion Landry signing was so important for BG, because he has JUCO experience and can hopefully step in.

Also--I can hear you out there--it presents the perfect opportunity for Robbie Rhodes, who has every needed physical tool but caught all of 3 passes last year.  If he can reverse that--and it is on him--he could literally make us forget we ever had this conversation.  But, you want to talk question marks?

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