Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What does the OU game mean?

BG just has one game left in the MAC East, and it is pretty important.  Essentially, with a win it would be very hard for BG to lose the MAC East.

Because BG would have swept every team in the East with the win, we'd win pretty much any tiebreaker.  And two-way or multi-way tie would resolve to BG.

With a win, BG would be 5-0 and guaranteed no worse than 5-3.

With a win over OU and one other win, BG would clinch the East.

Even with just the OU win, OU, UMass and Miami would be out. Only Kent, Buffalo and Akron would have a chance to finish with a better record at 6-2 but they would have to win out, which will be difficult.  First, they play each other--each of those three teams plays the other two.  Somebody has to lose.  Then, each of them has a tough cross-over game...either NIU or CMU.

This isn't what I want to have happen.  I want us to win out and finish 10-2.  I don't want to win the East with 3 losses again.  The only thing worse would be not to win it at all.

Just basic understanding.  If BG wins against OU, Ford Field becomes highly probable.

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