Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Special Teams Report: Buffalo

BG had another positive game on special teams.  It was another quiet week--which is good--meaning that there were no big plays either way.  BG switched the kickoff return team around, running two new guys out there, but that didn't end up helping that much.  BG got one good return, negated by penalty and had a couple outright bad returns.  BG also had a kickoff OB.  On the positive side, BG's kick and punt coverage certainly looks better against Buffalo than it did against Tennessee.  Joe Davidson continued to be very successful.

UB finished in minus territory.  They had a couple kick coverage issues and missed an XP.  They had some big punts as well and benefitted from covering the kickoffs to BG.

Anyway.  BG was +2 and UB -1.  Don't know what BG will try on kickoff returns, but I suspect they will stay with those two guys and give them another shot.

BG Positive (+5)

BG punt to 19 (+1)
UB KOR to 13 (+1)
UB KOR to 16 (+1)
BG punt to 14 (+1)
UB KOR to 14 (+1)

BG Negative (-3)

BG KOR to 15 (-1)
BG KO OB (-1)
BG KOR to 6 (-1)

UB Positive (+4)

BG KOR to 15 (+1)
UB 46 yard net punt (+1)
UB 50 yard net punt (+1)
BG KOR to 6 (+1)

UB Negative (-5)

UB KOR to 13 (-1)
UB KOR to 16 (-1)
UB KOR to 8 after penalty (-1)
Penalty puts BG KOR on 41 (-1)
Missed XP (-1)

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