Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sweet Victory #4: The Offense

What are you going to say about the offense?  BG set a school record Saturday with 725 yards of total offense...beating the record set in the 1970s against Grand Valley State.  More on that game tomorrow.

Also, 515 passing yards is a school record, besting a Tyler Sheehan number from 2009.

BG scored 62 points, which was the most since Omar Jacobs hung 70 on Temple back in the day.

Coach says the offense can still get better--and I suppose that's true--but it is difficult to imagine an offense being much better than that in the aggregate.  Those 725 yards came on 91 plays, which is an average of 8 yards per play.  Yeah.

There were 37 first downs by BG.  With 91 plays, that means BG made a first down on 41% of its plays.  That's unbelievable.  BG was 9 of 13 on 3rd down (same) and 6 of 6 in the red zone with 4TDs and the 2 FGs coming after the game was over.

BG had the ball for 37 minutes, aided by having it for 10:43 in the 4th Quarter.

The passing numbers are amazing.  Johnson was 33 of 39...84.6% completions, for 450 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT.  That's 11.5 yards per attempt and 16.7 yards per completion, both of which are show stopping numbers.

These are video game numbers.  No other way to see it.

BG found 9 WRs.  Lewis was 8 for 142 and a score, and Dieter had 8 for 85.  Both of those guys are open a lot.  Ronnie Moore and Ryan Burbrink both had big TD grabs.  There are just a bunch of WRs out there.  Chris Gallon had a couple of catches while getting the start at TE.  Great to see him making a contribution as well.

It wasn't all passing.  Last week, I wrote about appreciating the player we have in Travis Greene, #8.  This guy is just a beast.  He carried 15 times for 122 yards and a TD and caught 3 passes for 35 yards and a TD.  Thanks to our depth we are able to keep him from getting too many carries (and hopefully, therefore, healthy).  He's just deadly in this attack.

Fred Coppet also played well, with 68 yards in 17 carries and 1 TD.  He's had better games, but he remains an effective part of the running game that requires depth.  And Donovan Wilson played in short yardage for a score.

It was a record-setting game.  The thing is coming together like Coach said it would.  The question is whether it will take us where it is supposed to.

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