Thursday, October 01, 2015

Falcon Football by the Numbers

Some statistical notes....

ESPN has this ranking on team efficiency.  It basically looks at the contribution each unit makes on a per-play basis.

It isn't a terrible surprise that BG is the 12th most efficient offense.  In fact, the only surprise might be that it isn't higher.  The next highest offensive team is Ohio, which is #41 in the nation.

The defense, also to no one's surprise, is that the defense is #112 out of 128.  UMass, WMU and EMU are ranked below BG defensively.

Finally, BG's special teams turn out to be the lowest ranked unit.  They are 116th in the nation.  Kent, Miami and CMU are below BG in the MAC and Purdue is 126th in the nation FWIW.

Anyway, the picture is pretty accurate.  The defense and special teams have been good enough but the offense is carrying the team.  Hopefully, the defense and special teams will get better in MAC play, because this method is great while it works but there is no margin for error if you have a bad day on offense.

Looking at the national stats...

Matt Johnson is #1 in passing yards, #1 in passing yards per game, #2 in completions, #4 in passing TDs, #5 in points responsible for and #1 in total offense.

Roger Lewis is #2 in receiving yards and #5 in receiving yards per game.

Austin Valdez is #4 in total tackles.

As a team, BG is 2nd in first down. 1st in passing offense and 6th in total offense.

Now, on the negative side, BG is 120th on 4th down defense, 127th in penalty yards, 123rd in kickoff returns and 125th in punt return defense.

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