Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sweet Victory #6: The Offense

The Falcon offense remained consistent and effective on Saturday.  There's no other way to put it, just to say that scoring 48 points in 3 quarters is now considered commonplace.

Coming into the game, our preview had identified that Kent had a very good defense and a very good rush defense.  They were the lead defense in the MAC in yards per play allowed and they were also tied for first in lowest yards per rush.

That showed up.  BG did struggle to run against the Flashes.  To their credit, they stayed committed to the run, but it was tough going.  Travis Greene had 53 yards on 18 carries and Coppet had 34 on 10 carries.  BG did have success on zone reads with Matt Johnson, who had 58 yards on 9 non-sack runs and the team's only rushing TD, which followed the critical running into the kicker penalty early in the game.

BG's longest run was 11 yards.  One other thing. I give BG credit for staying committed to the run.  Even if you aren't making big yards, with players like Greene and Coppet they still have to focus on it and it makes us harder to defend overall.

Kent also came into the game with the best pass efficiency defense, allowing below 50% completions and forcing a ton of turnovers.

And here, strength on strength, the BG passing attack was not slowed down by Kent.  Yes, Johnson was 27 of 40, which is below his normal completion percentage, but overall, BG had 449 yards passing, which is 10 yards per attempt and 15.5 yards per completion, both of which are highly productive and efficient results.

BG also had zero turnovers.  The Falcons finished with 6.6 yards per play.

BG just has ridiculous talent at WR.  Roger Lewis, quiet in the first half, made 2 SportsCenter quality plays in the second half.  The first one was when he stole an interception away from a Kent defender, which was an incredible play that was only eclipsed by a one-handed Beckham grab in the back of an endzone for a TD.  This play was included on highlight packages from ESPN.  (Both grabs can be seen here.)

He wasn't the only one.  Ryan Burbrink had 8 for 89, a TD and at least a couple key first downs.  Moore was 7 for 151 and 2 TDs, including a explosive catch on a screen pass where he just blasted through the center of the field, untouched and jogging into the end zone.  In all, 8 Falcons caught passes.

BG made 31 first downs on 91 plays.  That means a first down was earned on 34% of the plays.  BG also had an unusual 23 3rd down plays, converting 13 of them.  BG was also 2 for 2 on 4th down.

So this was strength against strength and BG won it going away.  The question is this.  Is there any defense in the MAC that can stop BG?

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