Friday, October 16, 2015

25 Questions with a Pouch.

What is their body of work?

There was big promise for the Bowden reclamation project, and it has yet to show itself able to finish.  Bowden has succeeded everywhere he has been and you'd think he could do it in Akron, too.  Even so, enthusiasm remains low on campus and the football program was often mentioned by people angry about other cutbacks at Akron.  This year, the Zips are 3-3.  There is no signature win in those 3 games--they beat Savannah State, EMU and an average La-Lafayette team.  They also have no real bad losses, dropping games to Oklahoma and Pitt and then a 14-12 decision to OU in Akron.

How many seniors and juniors on the two-deep?

29 which is a lot.  They did go out and some transfers as well.

Who are their statistical leaders?

Deandre Scott is #10 in the nation in interceptions/game.
Thomas Woodson, their QB, is #4 in passing yards per completion at 15.75, which is really high.
Jerome Lane is #1 in the nation in yards per reception at 28+ which is ridiculous.

What is their turnover ratio?

They are +6 which is high for a team that's 3-3.  Their defense has forced 12 turnovers, so BG has to do its normal good job of protecting the ball.


 How is their QB play?

Their QB is So Thomas Woodson, who beat out former starter Kyle Pohl.  He's #6 (among starting QBs) in the MAC.  He has a low completion perentage but, as noted above, gets big yards when he does throw.  Has passed only 110 times in 6 games.  He is a dual-threat QB who is 2nd on the team in rushing.

What is their scoring and yards per play?

Even +6 in turnovers, they are only 9th in points per game and 8th in yards per play.

Can they run the ball?

This is traditionally a strength and it still is.  They are 4th in yards per game and carry.  Conor
Can they run?
Looks like it.
Hundley, their lead back, averages 5.6 yards per carry and Woodson averages 6.

Do they pass the ball?

They are 12th in yards per game passing and 10th in pass efficiency.  Woodson has 52% completions with 7 TDs and 3 INT in 110 attempts.  He does get big yards per catch, which is consistent with a run team that draws opponents into the box.

How was their run/pass balance?

They have run on 57% of their plays, which is very pass heavy.

Do they convert on 3rd Down?

They are average here, at 41% (7th).

Do they score in the red zone?

They are poor, which explains why they don't have better scoring with those turnovers.  They average only 4 points per trip.  In 26 trips, they have 12 TDs and 7 FGs.

Do they protect the quarterback?

Yes.  They have allowed sacks on only 4.4% of their passing attempts as a team.


Topline: Scoring and yards per play.

All Roos love Vegemite and hard cider.  Fact.
They are 3rd in scoring defense and 3rd in yards per play allowed.  This is the best defense BG has seen since the Memphis game.

Do they defend the run effectively?

Yes, they do.  They allow only 3 yards per carry and are 2nd in the MAC.  BG is going to need strong line play from a line I hope will be healthy.  The Falcons simply need to be able to run the ball.

Can they be passed on?

They are more average here, with #6 in yards per game and efficiency.  They allow about 60% completions and 11 yards per catch.

Do they get off the field on 3rd down?

They are 6th in the MAC at about 40%.

Do they defend in the red zone?

They are pretty good, allowing 4.5 points per trip.  They have 5 outright red zone stops.

Do they pressure the QB?

Huge worry point here.  They are 2nd in the MAC with 14 sacks and that is 6.4% of overall attempts.  BG has struggled in protection and must win these battles up front if BG is going to attack the Zip secondary.
I swear to God: this is a guide
for butchering a kangaroo.

Special Teams:


They lead the MAC in net punting.  Young man has 10 inside the 20 and only 2 touchbacks.  No blocks, no returns, and really no runbacks against.

Punt Return?

Also not a huge factor, with 11 returns and a long of 18.  No blocks.


Their kicker is Robert Stein, the brother of former BGSU kicker Stephen Stein.  He's been good, too, with 7 of 10 overall and 2 of 3 from 40+.  Long of 41, 1 block.


The only thing more
nauseating than
vegemite and hard cider.
Opponents start on the 24, which is normal.  However, he has only 5 touchbacks on 17 kickoffs.

Kickoff Return?

They start on the 24, which is also normal. Only 7 touchbacks in 32 kicks, which could be a problem for BG.

Miscellaneous: Overall atmospherics and intangibles.

BG hasn't lost to Akron since 2006, but there was a long period where we didn't play them.

Akron was picked to challenge BG for the East title.  Now, BG is a double digit favorite.  The question is whether the BG offense can run over anybody, because this defense is pretty good.  The key battle there will be on the line of scrimmage.  On  defense, BG has been decent against the run and needs to continue that while not letting Woodson beat us with his feet.  A running QB has been a problem for us for a long time and it will be a test for the BG defensive discipline.

It is homecoming.  Not sure we will have a huge crowd, however, given the weather.

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