Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Special Teams Research: UMass Edition

It was another difficult game for BG on special teams.  Not that everything was negative, but on balance the special teams made one really bad play that negated a bunch of smaller but effective plays.

The negative play I am referring to is obviously the TD return from UMass.

The other issue continues to be kickoff returns.  BG has swapped out the return guys at least a couple of times and it doesn't seem to help.  I'm in favor of BG downing the ball every time it ends up in the end zone--even by a little.  If I was opposing teams, though, I'd try to force a return, because BG has a disturbing tendency to not get to the 20 and then to get a penalty.  BG had 3 KORs that failed to get to the 20 yard line and received gifts because UMass put two of them OB.

Anyway.  BG was -3 and UMass was +7.

BG Positive (+6)

BG KO TB (+1)
BG punt to UMass 18 (+1)
UMass KOR to 19 (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative (-9)

BG KOR to 9 with penalty (-1)
BG KOR to 19 (-1)
UMass KOR TD (-6)
BG KOR to 18 (-1)

UMass Positive (+10)

UMass KO TB (+1)
BG KOR to 18 before penalty (+1)
BG KOR to 19 (+1)
UMass KOR TD (+6)
BG KOR to 18 (+1)

UMass Negative (-3)

UMass KO OB (-1)
UMass KOR to 19 (-1)
UMass KO OB (-1)

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