Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who's Next. SPECULATE.

And so the speculation begins.


There will be a ton of it.  I don't tend to do too much with it because it seems like most of the time they find someone no one ever thought of in this first place. Even so, in the spirit of looking forward, here are some names that John Wagner had in The Blade this morning...note that these were positioned as "potential" candidates and not 

Jeff Boals, an Ohio State assistant 
Brian Wardle, Wisconsin-Green Bay (Kowalcyk's old school)
Jay Larranaga, a BG alumnus who is an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics
Stan Joplin

Online, I have seen the name Michael Huger.  Also a former Falcon player, Huger is an assistant for Larranaga at Miami and played as a pro in Europe for 11 years.

Also, the Coach at IPFW has done a good job building that program.

A couple of notes.  Obviously, the OSU assistant is attractive because of how productive the Thad Matta coaching tree has been.   Second, I don't think Joplin is really going to be a candidate.

If you want my pet candidate, it would be Mike Rhoades, the lead assistant at VCU.  He would bring Dino Babers like energy to our program.

Finally, a lot of people are going to focus on people with BG ties and I think that is probably wrong.  Kingston is going to get the best coach, and that person may or may not be a BG guy and probably isn't.  Remember, Kingston doesn't have any BG ties.  I assume he is building his network among our alums, but he isn't a BG guy.

He came here from NC State, so he might know some people there.  But, he didn't have any personal ties with Babers, so I think he's willing to go outside his network for the right guy.

I do like it when the coaches have experience in the MAC or at a smaller conference.  A couple of years back Elton Alexander wrote in the PD that you need coaches that understand what it takes to win at this level.  (Here is my post commenting on the article).  It is one of the reasons I like FCS coaches in football.  They are used to making do with less than everything.

Anyway, I do have confidence that Chris Kingston will find the guy we need.  He says he is a basketball junkie, so this is his chance to show it off.  


Anonymous said...

VCU assistant is Mike Rhoades.

Orange said...

LOL...DOH! Duly noted and corrected above.