Thursday, March 20, 2014

And then there were three...

So, three MAC teams left...WMU, Ohio and EMU.

Ohio picked up a nice win at home over Cleveland State.  Jon Smith, a fifth-year senior averaging 28 minutes a game, apparently decided over the weekend that he was finished, so they played without him and got a nice win over a good Cleveland State team.  About 3,300 fans were at the Convo, for whatever that is worthy.

Akron lost to an underrated IPFW team at the JAR.  IPFW is better than people think...still, I'm sure Akron would like to win at home against them.  These lower level tournaments are tough.  For a team like Akron that was in the tournament last year, you wonder how hungry they are going to be to play in the CIT.  Announced attendance was 1,283.

Then, UT lost in the NIT at Southern Miss.  This was a really awful assignment for them.  I remember when BG felt they got hosed out of an at-large berth back in the Dakich days and went to Butler to play.  You'd think your attitude would be to prove the NCAA committee wrong, but either that's not effective motivation or that isn't how people feel.  BG lost @Butler...not an easy assignment, but hey if you belonged in The Dance it should be doable, right?....

Anyway, first you think you should have been in the NCAA and you don't get in and then you don't get a home game even though you draw well and you are a #6 seed in the NIT and then you have to fly to New Orleans, ride on a bus for two hours and head into Hattiesburg and play a very good Southern Miss team.  Pretty tough assignment.

UT had an awful first half, rallied in the second half and led with 8 minutes left, but had spent everything getting that close and USM ran the lead back up.

Saw on twitter that Kowalcyk is being mentioned for the BC opening.  Coaching the MAC (or an one-bid league) is tough and not likely to get easier anytime soon.

UPDATE:  EMU has earned a trip to NYC, which is a reward in itself.  They play Columbia Saturday.  Columbia, FYI, is getting better and is on the List of Shame as a team with a longer NCAA drought than BG.  Let's hope Amaker doesn't leave Harvard.  Also, Columbia doesn't play in an "Arena."  They play in Levien Gymnasium.  Like it.

OU will host Wright State Saturday in Athens.

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