Monday, March 10, 2014

The Elephant in the Room

Just a quick note.  I know everyone is aware that this is the last year on Coach Orr's contract.  When a decision is announced, I will have more to say about Coach Orr and his tenure here, but for now I will just say that I don't think anyone expects him to get a new contract.  I have no inside information, no sources, etc.  I'm not sure any are needed in this case.

The assumption for the whole year was that this was a lame duck year for Coach Orr and that it was hard to envision a scenario where he would keep his job and I suspect that was right and that he hasn't done enough.

For whatever it is worth, I suspect that the decision will be announced quickly, probably the day after BG plays its last game.  Chris Kingston will be in the position of making his second high profile hire in 4 months, all in his first year on the job.  You can turn it around in basketball in the MAC.  I give you UT, EMU and NIU...on different levels, but all teams that have plumbed the absolute depths and are now at least competitive.  BG has a good facility.  It is a good job.  Maybe not a great job.  The only coach to move up from BG to a better job since Bill Fitch is Larranaga.  The rest ended poorly.

Anyway, there's no reason not to talk about it.  Something has to happen, one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

Dakich became head coach at Indiana after leaving BG! Yeah, I know it a technacality, but it's true.

Orange said...

He was interim coach at Indiana and my point was that he didn't leave BG for the Indiana job, he was non-renewed from his contract.