Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jans Wins the Announcement...

He's 1-0.

You can head over to bgsufalcons.com eventually (if not already) and see it for yourself, but I'd say that based on today's event Mr. Jans has created a full-on crush in the Falcon Nation.

To start with, Chris Kingston thanked Bill Frack by name.  Obviously, Frack is a huge backer of the program...Kingston walked from the podium and hugged him.  Not at the end, but during the talk.

Kingston listed the things he wanted...he included being good with non-traditional media outlets...we're waiting for our phone call.  OK, we're not really.  We're pretty sure he meant twitter.  But, we're happy to talk.

He said he first contacted Jans 12 days ago.  In response to later questions, it was clear the deal was made prior to last weekend.  Jans said if Wichita had beaten Kentucky he would have come to BG today and then headed back to coach them in the Sweet 16.  It didn't happen that way, and he's on board.

Kingston said that Jans is a "grinder" and that was what he liked about him.

Finally, Jans met with the team yesterday and the entire team was in attendance at the presser.  In separate news, Chauncey Orr told a media member that he was going to stay at BG.

Then Jans came out.  It is hard to describe, but he came across as 100% authentic and earnest when he said things that might look like platitudes when they are just type.  I don't know how to describe it.  You just believe that he meant it.

Here is how he started.

"I have been waiting for this moment my whole life."  And by that, he means being a Division I head coach.

He said he started at the bottom.  He was a volunteer assistant for a DIII school.  Hard to put too fine a point on that...that's the bottom.

He said that he wants to bring the Anderson Roar to the Stroh.  He was at the women's game and heard how much noise 1,500 people can make there...and he imagined it with the place full.

He called Bowling Green a hidden gold mine.  For him, this is the right place at the right time.

He says that he plans to be "interactive" in the community and on campus.  He plans to be highly visible on campus, speaking to group, getting people excited.  (The program needs this.  It has not really had it since pre-WVU).

On the flight in they gave him some film to watch...Jans said it was like Christmas morning.

You will like this one:

"My responsibility is to win championships."

Then, he said that it was appropriate that he had been hired on the anniversary of the hockey team winning the national championship...and (get this), he hopes someday in the future a coach will be hired at BG who will mention the anniversary of a men's basketball game.

At this point, I would have renewed my season tickets on the spot.  He was so earnest.  He worked his way up and he's got what he has dreamed about and he is determined to deliver.  He appreciates the opportunity.

He says BG will work hard to recruit Ohio.  He has some relationships and looks forward to building on them.  He is working on hiring staff.  As a former assistant, he knows what an important role they can play.

And that was it...very inspiring stuff.  Look, there's a long way to go.  Today was talk and the thing must be done.  I'm not being critical, I am sure he would agree.  I do think this...it was the right hire.  The future is unknown to us all, but this was the right hire.  Cannot wait to see it play out.


Anonymous said...

Great recap. Perhaps when the dust settles an interview can be arranged with Jans. Something like that could be a monthly thing to connect with the fans. We are desperate for information, particularly info straight from the source!

Orange said...

Thanks! Love to do it.

Unknown said...

What do you mean by pre-WVU? Just curious as a BGSU Alum and WV Native

Orange said...

That refers to the Dan Dakich-WVU debacle, which forms a turning point in Falcon men's basketball. Obviously, on that day, we were good enough to have a coach get hired away at a Big East school. Since that time, BG has been over .500 only twice in 12 seasons.

Orange said...

Also, the support for the program gradually waned as the program had less success. During the first Dakich years, he was in the dorms with pizzas, etc, and it did not happen when he came back and Orr did not do anything similar.