Friday, March 28, 2014

Jans has 3 scholarships to work with...Updated 4/16

There has been some confusion about how many scholarships Coach Jans has to work with.  The answer is that he has 3 2.  Below is the returning roster.  The only question was whether Lyshe--who was at one time a walk-on--was going to be on scholarship, but based on this from John Wagner, the answer is yes.

Lyshe certainly earned a scholarship last year, so I'm glad to see him getting what he deserved.  Anyway, the NCAA limit is 13 and we have 11 currently, counting Bernard Edwards, who has signed his NLI.

On another note, both Denny and Orr should be eligible for medical redshirts.  If so, BG will have 4 seniors (Lyshe, Henderson, Clarke and Holmes), 3 Jrs (Orr, Gomez, Parker), 1 SO (Tisdale) and 3 FR (Denny, Mayleben, Edwards), not counting anyone Jans signs in the late period.

  1. Josh Gomez
  2. JD Tisdale
  3. Anthony Henderson
  4. Spencer Parker
  5. Zack Denny
  6. Damarkeo Lyshe
  7. Jehvon Clarke
  8. Chauncey Orr
  9. Richaun Holmes
  10. Garrett Mayleben
  11. Bernard Edwards

Updated 4/16 to reflect Edwards release from NLI.


Unknown said...

The walk-ons will also continue, just not on scholarships.

Orange said...

Excellent, thank you for the update Marcus and thanks for reading.