Sunday, March 16, 2014

List of Shame Stable Again

We had a near miss but the list of shame remains the same again for this year.  William and Mary almost made broke out...they lost the CAA title game by just a point.  That would have been their first trip to the Big Dance.  So, what's left is the usual 11.  Below are the 11 teams with NCAA droughts longer than BG's.

Side note.  UT has not been in the final since 1980.  Who did they beat in the MAC final that year?  Bowling Green.  I was there.  Crisler Arena--first tournament ever for MAC.  Rockets by 15.  One of 3 MAC Championship games the Falcons have lost in the 34 years they have played the tourney.  Teams that have won in that time:  Toledo (1),  Ball State (7), EMU (4), CMU (2), WMU (2), Akron (3), Kent (5), Miami (4), Ohio (6) and NIU (1).  Just us and Buffalo (0).  (And Marshall, I forgot about them).

Columbia: Last appeared in 1968
Tennessee Tech: Last appeared in 1963
Yale: Last appeared in 1962
Maine: Division I since 1962
New Hampshire: Division I since 1962
Dartmouth: Last appeared in 1959
Army: Division I since 1948
Citadel: Division I since 1948
Northwestern: Division I since 1948
St. Francis (N.Y.): Division I since 1948
William & Mary: Division I since 1948

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