Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Orr Out at BG

So, the announcement is official.  Coach Orr will not return and BG has begun a national coaching search.

It was a decision that had to be made.  You can't extend the contract under these circumstances.  It was time to make a change.  I believe that Orr knew this would be the fate for the entire season.  He continued to run the program with integrity through his lame duck year.  He is a man of principle who is guilty only of not winning enough games.  His teams at BG were never horrible.  He did finish first in the regular season.

He just didn't win as much as anyone would like, and the program is not in a position today that his contract could reasonably be extended.

People have been focusing on his Faith.  Look, I don't feel the same way that Coach Orr does about things, but I respect that he understands there are things more important in life than basketball and himself.  That's a viewpoint we could all adopt a little bit more.

Also, people have been critical of how he handled his last season.  He left scholarships unfilled and said he "wasn't changing things."  Look, most coaches in his spot would have brought in JUCOs and head-case freshmen no one else wanted to try and save their job.  Most coaches would have lined the schedule with patsies, like Dakich did in his final year.

Problem is, when the new coach comes in, he just has to run those guys off.  Coach Orr didn't do that...he stayed true to his principles (not changing things) and now the new coach will be able to quickly recruit the players he wants for his system.

Coach Orr did a good coaching job this year.  Yes, the program is not achieving, and yes, he partly exceeded against the low expectations he created, but I don't think you would have picked this team to win 12 games without Orr, Sealey (mostly) and Denny.

He's had some of the same issues that other coaches have.  There have been some suspensions, etc...one player in serious trouble after he left the program.  Dakich was villified for players leaving, but I give you Adrion Graves, Darion Goins, DaVon Haynes, Cameron Medlock and Danny McElroy in 7 years.

Still, the program was a credit to the University and never embarrassed the school.  The teams always played hard and competed.

They just weren't good enough--and the program is not in the position it should be--to warrant a new contract.

I wish Coach Orr well and I look forward to seeing how Chris Kingston does in finding a new coach.  It is his second high profile hire in months.  His first choice was a dynamic guy and it will be interesting to see who he picks this time.

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