Monday, January 27, 2014

Studrawa to Maryland and getting AQ assistants to the MAC

First, some good news.  Former Falcon player and assistant Greg Studrawa has landed at the University of Maryland.  He left LSU after a number of years--including time as OC--and was rumored to be in the mix at Oklahoma State before getting hired for the Terps.  Hopefully, he kept his resume fresh, because I don't think the Edsall regime is going to last.

A number of people were asking why he wasn't considered for the Head Coaching job at BG when it was open, being that he is a Falcon and all.  Obviously, none of us knows if he was or not.  Ryan Autullo of The Blade had a nice piece in the paper over the weekend about how the increased salaries of big-time assistants is impacting MAC Coaching searches.

Back in the day, the MAC move was to get an up and coming coordinator from a big school.  Now, those guys often make more than MAC head coaches.  Autullo says that Chuck Martin took a 200K pay cut to come to Miami.  It could shed some light on why both BG and EMU went to a lower level to find their new Coach.

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