Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Babers Announces Coaching Staff (Mostly)

Coach Babers unveiled almost his entire coaching staff yesterday.  There were no real surprises.  As expected, with the exception of Nick Monroe, Coach Babers has brought his staff from EIU over and has kept them in the same positions.

Coach McDaniel's recent departure has left one vacancy that has yet to be filled.  By the process of elimination, it would be another receivers coach, but we will have to see about that.

All coaches do this differently.  Coach Clawson blended holdovers, BG coaches and completely new coaches at Wake Forest.  Coach Babers has chosen this approach.  He needs to have the people around him that he feels can help him succeed, for which he is ultimately accountable.

The one small surprise is that he will have co-offensive coordinators at BG.  Sterlin Gilbert was the OC at EIU, and at BG he will share the job with O-line coach Matt Mattox.  I believe that I read that Babers calls the plays anyway.

Beyond that, you can read the BGSU site to get an idea of where these guys have coached.  The proof will come in the performance, but I'm excited because of the success these guys had right away at EIU with a team that was under-performing.


Anonymous said...

A little nervous taking 3 from that EIU defense. Hopefully Monroe will show them how it's done here.

Orange said...

They only allowed 22.8 points per game last year. 18th on 3rd down and 22nd in redzone. They might be underrated on defense. Obviously, Towson scored on them in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

22.8 would look very good if we didn't allow 15.9...That's almost another touchdown. Hope you're right, though.