Monday, January 06, 2014

MAC Bagels Bowl Season

Not a great bowl season for MAC football.  After the big 2012 season, the MAC responded with a 2-5 bowl season and then bounced back this year with a total bagel, going 0-5.  After 2-5 last year, the MAC is now 2-10 over the past few seasons.

This was a big problem a few years ago and then for a couple years the MAC started to have some success and then the last two years have been a disappointment, especially this year.

I'm not just pointing fingers....BG has lost their last 4 bowl games and is a big part of the problem.

There are a couple close losses...BG lost by 3 to Pitt and Ball State lost by 3 to Arkansas State.  Still, that was a 10 win BG team against a 6-6 (AQ) Pitt, and a 10-win Ball State team losing to a 7-5 (non AQ) team.

NIU lost 21-14 to a pretty good (8-5) Utah State team...but at the same time, this was a team that entered December thinking about taking on a high-level BCS team.

Buffalo played a 7-5 San Diego State team and got embarrassed 37-20.

Ohio played a 9-3 East Carolina team that I think is pretty good and the Pirates won by 17.  OU didn't belong in a bowl and they pretty much showed it.  And, I didn't see any evidence of the Florida alumni base that was going to fill the stands.

Anyway.  The MAC was just two clicks from a respectable 2-3 bowl season, so you don;t want to be too negative.  At the same time, each of these, with the possible exception of OU, should have been at least a 50/50 proposition and the MAC still rolled snake eyes.

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