Friday, January 17, 2014

Jack Carle of Sentinel-Tribune Interviews Coach Babers

Jack Carle of the Sentinel had a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Babers.  It is absolutely worth a read.  Our new coach is certainly an interesting guy.  Yeah, I mean, he did the whole, "no job is guaranteed thing" which is what everyone always says, but there's stuff in there about him not being into making guys wrestle on mats (something I like), treating the current team like champions, and why he isn't watching any game film from last year.

The one thing to note is about recruiting.  He expects to sign about 20 guys and it sounds like what we have right now is more or less going to be what we will move forward with...which is all well and good as long as they turn out to be good players, which is no different than any other year.  Some guys are in school, but he's going to reveal all that on 2/5.  The assistants will be formally announced after that.

No players have asked for a release.

Anyway, check the story out.

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