Saturday, January 18, 2014

BG Football Class Looks ready to lose 2nd O-lineman

The news from twitter appears to be that BG's 2nd O-lineman in next year's class has de-committed and will head elsewhere.  As you can see, he has a Big 10 offer from Minnesota and is visiting Miami.   Weyler is from Centrville, a long-time BG pipeline.

People are going to jump on this and blame it on the switch to a spread offense.  I wouldn't over interpret what is going on.  The first young man is playing at a very good FBS FCS program near home and this young man has a Big Ten offer.

And, when BG was playing effective spread football, they always had a strong o-line.  I'm sure it remains a priority.

BG still has 2 o-lineman in the class.


Anonymous said...

Small correction...Richmond is FCS. Still a good program, though (a guy named Dave once told us)

Orange said...

Thanks....meant to type that, fingers apparently not on the same page.