Sunday, January 05, 2014

Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl ICSTR Report

So, the ICSTR has wrapped up its work.  The monks have returned to more contemplative pursuits.  Their final report will be issued later.

The Clawson era finished with 14 straight positive special teams plays.  Both teams had a big play (TD) so those balanced out and then BG had some big punt plays (as did Pitt.)  Anyway, Pitt actually had a slightly better day, at +6 while BG was at +4.  (The whole dumb thing is explained here.)

BG Positive Plays: (+13)
BG punt inside 10 (+2)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO Return TD (+6)
BG 46 yd FG (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG punt inside 10 (+2)

BG Negative plays (-9)
Pitt KO Ret to 50 (-1)
Pitt PR TD (-6)
BG 24 yd net punt (-1)
BG KO Ret to 15 after penalty (-1)

Pitt Positive Plays (+14)
Pitt 52 yd net punt (+1)
Pitt KO Ret to 50 (+1)
Pitt KO TB (+1)
Pitt PR TD (+6)
Pitt punt inside 10 (+2)
Pitt punt inside 10 (+2)
Pitt KO TB (+1)

Pitt Negative Plays (-8)
Pitt 22 yard net punt with penalty (-1)
BG KO Ret TD (-6)
Missed 39 yd FG (-1)

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