Saturday, February 12, 2011

Football Interlude--new verbal

I know I said this was going to be a basketball zone for a few weeks, but there is some news I think people will be interested in.  BG has signed another football player, based on reports (first surfaced on, which are on Internet scouting sites and a facebook post I found.  Malik Stokes is coming to BG, and has reportedly signed.

Stokes is a QB/ATH from the Philadelphia area.  Coming out of High School, ESPN gave him 3-stars and ranked him a 77, which would make him the 2nd best player in our class.

His brother was an ESPNU 150 guy who went to Michigan.

He went to prep school in CT out of HS.  While most of the talk was about him being a QB, he was playing WR very effectively in his year in prep school.

Quarterback Timmy Drakeley completed sixteen of his thirty-four passes for 228 yards, including two touchdowns and only one interception. Malik Stokes caught both of the touchdown passes among his eight receptions for 136 yards.

He had similar numbers in another game.  This is a pretty big guy to get on top of what was already a strong recruiting class.  Welcome to the Falcons, Malik.

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