Friday, February 11, 2011

CMU in their own coddling, please

A full-fledged CMU preview will come forward in the morning, but in the meantime, here's a look at what the papers are saying in Mt. Pleasant.  Clearly, they are having a rough year, accentuated by an absolutely wretched performance in Buffalo this week.  Coach Zeigler says they do not have time to "coddle" their feelings about the defeat.

“There’s definitely been a slower learning curve in terms of those things,” Zeigler said. “But we’re going to continue to stay the course and continue to push in the same manner and hold guys accountable to the pillars of our program.”

Note that the 6-17 Chips are much stronger at home.

It has been a different story at home, however. CMU is 3-1 at home in the MAC. Its most impressive home win may have been its last, as CMU opened up offensively and beat Ohio 91-85 on Feb. 2.

And that they are reliant on a couple guys...this is from a preview story for the game

But CMU largely has lived and died with the performances of freshman guard Trey Zeigler and senior forward Jalin Thomas, scoring-wise, at least. On Tuesday, the duo combined for 7-of-29 shooting from the field for 24.1 percent.

And this is what the Coach said immediately after the Buffalo game...

“I think teams are going to be geared up for those two, and we need those two to make shots,” said CMU coach Ernie Zeigler, referring to his two leading scorers. “If Jalin and Trey are struggling, it’s normally going to equal an extremely tough night.”

Finally, note this comment related to Buffalo's length, and wonder to yourself (or out loud if you so wish) whether BG could do something similar with its length.

“I thought where their length bothered us is when we got in the lane,” Ernie Zeigler said. “We did a really good job of driving it and getting in there, but we weren’t patient enough to shot-fake once or twice, or even a third time, to try to negate their length and athleticism around the basket.”

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