Sunday, February 13, 2011

East Vs. West 2011

So, the East vs. West "struggle" has come to an end--nearly--for this year.  Suffice it to say, that it was more of the same.

There is still one more game to be made up--the WMU-KSU snowout--but the results are not ambiguous. The East was 26-9 in cross over games.   Last year, the East was 26-10 and two years ago 29-7.

I find it hard to understand how this happens.  The conference is typically so evenly matched, and yet top to bottom the East simply dominates the West.  You'd think it would be more cyclical, like in Football, but it has not shown itself to be.  The best play in the MAC continues to be in the East.

If Kent beats WMU, they will have run the West table.  Miami lost only once, and BG, Buffalo, OU and Akron lost twice.  No team in the East was worse than 4-2 against the West.

In contrast, the two top teams in the West, WMU (2-3) and Ball State (1-5) did not fare well, although WMU does have a shot at breaking even.

One of those teams will earn a bye and a probable quick exit.  And the East looks like a dogfight coming home.

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