Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Basketball News

Official word from the basketball program on two transfers. One we have written on before, which is Adrion Graves, who is a transfer from Xavier.

The other one is new, at least to me....and that's Darion Goins. He's a 6'3" guard who is a native of Cincinnati (where else?). He played two years at San Jose State, where he did not do much in the way of numbers. Nevertheless, Coach Orr says this:

"Darion is a slasher, and a big-time athlete for his size," said Orr. "He is very strong, and he knows how to create plays on the wing and score the ball."
Sounds like the kind of guy we can use. The words "big time athlete" have been absent from our basketball program for a little while....or, to be fair, more absent than they should be.

Both are enrolled now in school and will be eligible for next season (09-10) which is where they are listed on our sidebar recruiting tally.

I don't mind getting transfers at all. I think in basketball players go to bigger schools all the time--players who would be perfectly good MAC players. Then, things don't work out like they hoped, and they look to transfer. Kent has had tons of success with this approach. I don't mind Western's approach of doing great high school recruiting either--but then again they won the MAC with a transfer at one point.

I guess I like D-1 transfers better than JUCO transfers, but it depends on the person.

Finally, there is this odd phrase in the press release....

The Falcons welcome back all 10 letterwinners from last season's team, plus one additional student-athlete who lettered for BGSU in previous seasons.
I'm assuming that refers to Erik Marschall.

Oh last thing. For a longtime at BG, we would only hear the word transfer followed by the word FROM, not TO. Good job Coach Orr.

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