Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Falcon Notes

A couple of quick Falcon notes....

First, Tyler Sheehan was the MAC EAST Offensive POTW, and we congratulate him. For my money, the real POTW was AT, but what are you gonna do?

Secondly, the latest podcast is out (actually last week). I listened on my drive yesterday and it was an excellent episode. It was with Cal Bowers, a former captain who is now our color announcer and a Falcon success story on top of it. Take a listen if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Cal is a class-act all around! He's the kind of Falcon we can ALL be proud of!

So... YOU'RE the one who listens... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cal is the man. I think we could have done that podcast for 3 hours just talking BG with the guy.