Friday, September 19, 2008

Football verbals

There are a couple more verbals out there for the football team. The first is Dwayne Woods of Cincinnati Princeton, a LB who is actually pretty highly ranked on the ESPN list. I've blogged before about the difficulty of rating players--an impossible job done badly--but, here I go, he's the second highest ranked player in our class. You can find more about him here.

Also inked, according to Rivals, is Tyler Harrell, also a LB, but from Dublin. He's not listed on ESPN, so we can't compare him to Woods yet. He's bigger than Woods (225 vs. 205). Both of these guys had interest from the teams we are trying to beat, so I think we have a nice shot with him.

So far, it looks like a decent class, but the real test will be when they are juniors.

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