Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Falcon News from Today

First of all, Ryan has the news from the presser....

Like most off weeks, there isn't too much to say at the presser...and even if he has something to say, the coach doesn't always do it. Turner, Barnes and Dozier are day-to-day, Fink will play. Other than that, Wyoming will have to guess.

The scouting report is that this is a big, physical team built for the run. They don't pass much. I'll have more on what to expect from Wyoming in a couple of days or so.

Here's a couple other excerpts from the bgsufalcons.com site...

On what he sees in Wyoming
"A big physical football team built to run the ball and to stop the run. Good size offensive linemen, a big physical back and a quick little scat back, so they can they can get in and out of things with those two guys. Defensively they are stout, strong, physical football team."

On Wyoming's defense
"They have good skill in the secondary. Their corners are athletic, safeties tackles well and support the run. Their front seven are physical and stout. We are going to have to mix our run pass to be successful."

Finally, I was amused to see this on AZZ.com. Apparently, Wyoming's coach talked big about Utah....then, Utah paid that back with an onside kick on top of a 43-0 3rd quarter lead. And Coach Glenn did this....(For what it is worth, I don't believe what he is suggesting is legal in Utah).

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