Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Brandon Presser...BOW UP EDITION

OK, I'll confess, I have neither the time nor the energy to take notes on the Falcon presser this week from the audio. Plus, Ryan has already excerpted it in his Blade Blog, as noted here.

The big news is that Willie Geter and Adrien Hodges will be back on the field against Minnesota. Ryan notes that this makes him a little uncomfortable, as it does me. Having said that, Coach knows the story and I will have to hope he is handling it correctly.

Geter will not start, though, Coach says Bullock has earned a start. Of course, Chris Bullock was the freshmen sensation who all but disappeared last season. Coach says he lost 10 pounds over the winter. That's good, because he was ready to take advantage when Ransom went down.

We are very healthy. You want a shot at winning the MAC, staying healthy is a key. Only Adrian Baker "has a hammy" and even that doesn't sound serious.

He talks up Minnesota quite a bit, and we should probably listen. I mean, yes we beat them last year, but they are still a Big 10 team, so we shouldn't be getting cocky. They are bigger than us and have some players. That was their first game last year under the new coach....etc, etc.

He had lots of good things to say about the defense. First, he sort of mocked the criticism his defense got for defending the run. (the idea that it was a matter of fact and not opinion does not seem to faze him). He sort of had that smug thing jocks get when they are around the un-jocked.

"You are only as good as the last one and we were pretty good. Our kids feed on that, all the negative stuff that is said about our run defense they just bow up on that. They were up for the challenge facing a good back and to hold him to 70 yards or whatever it was and 15 yards of rushing in the second half, I don't think anyone expected that."

They may well "feed" on it, but they were starving to death most of last year.

Anyway, the defense was great against the run, and I hope it keeps up. He said we tackled at 87% efficiency, which is apparently good.

He had this about Diryal Briggs....

Well he is quick and they had trouble with one guy blocking him. He was able to effectively get to the quarterback. He is slippery, he can get by you and dip and not give you a big target to aim and that is what makes him effective."

I'll say this....Briggs has the potential to be an absolute beast in the MAC this year....a real force.

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