Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two more verbals for football

BG added two new recruits for the next class--though one will be grey-shirted.  Based on the Orlando Sentinel, here's the scoop on the teammates heading to BG.

The first is RB CJ Lamar, a 6'2, 208 lb RB/LB/S.  No idea what they are thinking, but I am guessing they see him in the defensive backfield or bulking up to play LB.  In fact, he was 8A All-state at Db.  He is from Lake Mary HS and was committed to Florida Atlantic before he couldn't get admitted due to the lack of a couple foreign language credits (according to the article linked above).  You can find online that he had an offer from West Virginia.

The other player--also Lake Mary--is Zack Sharp.  He's an OL who is (brace yourself) 6'8" and 300 pounds.  Now.  He is going to grey-shirt, which means he won't go on scholarship until January of 2016.  He says in the linked story that he took too long commit and some schools lost interest, but he wanted to visit BG before he committed, which is entirely reasonable in my view.

So, CJ and Zack, welcome to the Falcons.

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