Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It all begins today...

The Falcon football team begins Fall practice today as they prepare for a September 1 start to the season.  Coming right around the corner.  I'm sure there's lots of anticipation.  I think everyone is feeling pressure not to repeat the 2-10 season we had last year...but it won't be easy.  Anyway, BG's Dave Meyer will be at practice and tweeting updates if you want to follow him.

On a side note, I read a great article yesterday about Brian McClure for the Record Pub.  McClure was in school the exact years I was, and (as the article points out), it was truly remarkable that he came to BG, and the career he had.  He put up un-heard of numbers and led BG to an undefeated regular season in his senior year (before the whole Denny Stolz Cal Bowl thing...let's not bring that up).  I actually remember running in to Mark Miller right after he signed, and he said that we had landed a game changing player...which we had.

  • A couple things....finished his career as the second most productive passer in NCAA history.
  • Was first freshman to be all-MAC.
  • We were 30-6 in MAC games during his tenure.

I think that the recent offensive fireworks (both in D1 football and at BG) might have dulled his accomplishments in the popular mind, which is a shame.  He was a truly special player and among the Falcon greats.

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