Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Game Report

So, the Spring game is done, and the sports we follow here are pretty buttoned up until Fall camp starts for the football team.  A few observations from watching....

First, as always, when you scrimmage yourself, you cannot always tell if success is good play or poor execution.  With that in mind...

Coach Clawson said after the game that the defensive line is clearly ahead of the offensive line, and that was very much true.  The first half was dominated by the defense or a putrid performance by the offense however you look at it.  Our QBs weren't getting the ball out, and when they did they were not accurate and the pocket was collapsing.  The running game was completely dominated.

In all fairness, there were ridiculous gale force winds, not that such a thing could never happen in the Fall.

Football begins up front, and BG will be much more competitive if they can stop the run, so the development of the defensive line is really important to the team being competitive.  Ted Ouellette is really coming on, and there were two potential regulars not playing due to injury.  Merely adding the ability to stop the run and pressure the passer would improve this team a lot.

The flip side is that while Coach says that the offensive line has made some progress, it has work to do.  The code there is that while we have added depth, the offensive line still has a ways to go.  Similar to the defensive line, the single thing that would bring this offense around would be the line, and it sounds like we are not there yet.

The offense played much better in the second half.  Coach said that was because we went to more max-protect routes, which gave our QBs time to work.  Both of them ripped off some big plays, though I thought Schilz was stronger.  When he got in rhythm he was very effective.  In fact, I was outright impressed by his arm strength on a couple of passes, something I forgot about and/or didn't see last year.

Hurley was also good in spots.  He took off and ran a lot, which might not be something he would do so much if they could tackle him.  On the other hand, he is from Pittsburgh.  He's got great size and is athletic.

It would appear that the challenge for the team would be to be able to get a wider-repertoire.  I don't think we are going to compete when we are mostly in max protect.

The running game also improved in the second half though dismal for the whole game.  If anyone really emerged out of our 4-man rotation it was Jamel Martin, who showed explosive moves a couple of times.  I though Pettigrew and Hopgood also had a couple nice moments when they were able to get some space.

Finally, on the defense, I thought we tackled much better.  Obviously this has to happen against real competition, but I thought I saw more fundamental open field tackles than I saw in the know the kind, where the defender gets the ankles and brings the runner down in unspectacular but solid fashion.

And we made a FG.  I was all like, OMG!


Anonymous said...

haha..Thats part of Trent's game. If nothings open, he takes off and runs, he doesn't care if hes getting tackled or not. He will lower his shoulder and get the 1st down.

I'm going to disagree and say Trent played better. His int shouldnt have been bc it was pass interference, and the long pass shilz had down the sideline should have been picked. It went right thru the db's hands. Plus Hurley brings a whole new dimension to the offense because he is able to run. Thats my opinion

Orange said...

Fair enough, thanks for reading. A QB who can get yards running out of the pocket is a huge momentum killer for defenses.

Anonymous said...

heres his senior tape off a youtube

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update with hopes 2011 will be better than 2010.