Monday, December 27, 2010

MAC-Sun Belt Challenge is Over...Humility Reigns in MAC Nation

Well, with Troy skunking OU and Florida International beating UT last night, the Sun Belt has assured that it will win at least 2 of the 3 bowl games it has with the MAC, giving them victory in the unofficial MAC-Sun Belt Challenge.

Last night's game was especially disappointing.  That was a 6-6 FIU team playing far from home while Toledo was just up the road.  UT dominated the stat sheet, but more or less handed the game over in the 4th Quarter.  The decision to squib kick that last kickoff was particularly ineffective.  You go for 2 when you get the TD on the theory that its a bowl game, I just think you try and cover the kickoff for the same reason.

At least as measured in bowl games, football in the MAC continues to struggle.   NIU did have a really nice win, which means that the MAC is now 2-16 over its last 18 bowl games....most of them against non-BCS competition.

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