Saturday, November 22, 2008

More on Coach's statement

If you read this thread on, you will find an email sent to Coach Brandon by webmaster Grant Cummings and an answer from Coach Brandon. He is non-apologetic, to say the least. He also finds the Internet "demeaning" though normally he says he doesn't look at it.

Just a quick can disagree with the opinions on if you want, but those people are true Falcon fans. Maybe in coaching you start to think everyone who doesn't love you is against you, but those are true fans. It is over the top sometimes, yes. Do I think many of the opinions are a little nuts? Yes. Are these people just as good fans as me? Yes.

In a sense, Rich Rodriguez is right. If your support of college football has driven you to screaming (in print or in person) "you suck" at a 19 year old young man, than you do need to get a life. Perspective is always needed. (But, you really don't see much of that on if any. Its the most civilized board I have been on. But I digress.)

But, I stand by what I said earlier....he has the nerve to talk about OTHER people making excuses?

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