Sunday, June 29, 2008

Face of the Program

ESPN has this little thing up called "The Face of the Program," where fans vote on the single guy who most represents their favorite football program.

The Falcon Choices, as seen here are:

Urban Meyer
Josh Harris
Doyt Perry

In a statement about the type of people who vote on these things, at press time, Urban Meyer is winning.

Yes, really.

Urban Meyer will always a role in our program, both because we had him first, and because he jump-started a moribund program. But, come on.

Doyt Perry coached the Falcons for 10 years. During that time, we won 85.5% of our games. Meyer's 74.9% is good, but pales in comparison, and was not carried out over 10 years of continual excellence. Perry also won MAC Championships and once took a team to an undefeated season and small college national title.

I already voted, but there's no doubt in my mind. Doyt Perry is the face of our program. I mean, shoot, Rocket fans know its Chuck Ealey, for heaven's sake.

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