Thursday, November 01, 2007

Seriously.....A QB Controversy???

No one in the game of football is more popular than the backup QB. No one is possessed of more superpowers, more omnipotence, more clairvoyance, more ability to leap tall buildings, more x-ray vision, and even more of whatever Aquaman did, than the backup QB.

Welcome to the Falcon Nation. Show your passport and declare any gifts before entering the country.

After losing 3 out of 4, some Falcon fans are now calling for Anthony Glaud to take the helm, only a month or so after predicting that Tyler Sheehan would eclipse Omar's single season yardage record.

The line of thinking is two-fold, both reasonable on the surface, but unable to stand up to scrutiny.

The first is that the offense needs a dual-threat QB--one who can run and pass, ala Josh Harris, and, people believe, Anthony Glaud. Tyler Sheehan is more in the Omar mode. And yes, we did move the ball with Omar and he didn't run, but he was an exceptional talent, the argument goes. Glaud's decent showings in mop up roles and the Spring Game have added fuel to this argument, which began when Glaud was recruited.

I only suggest this: we have scant evidence to know whether Glaud is ready to play or not. Mop up duty isn't a true test, and neither is the spring game. Coach sees him in practice everyday, and feels Sheehan is our best choice.

Which brings us to the second point. Coach said after the OU loss that Tyler has been hurt and unproductive since the WKU game. This is largely the first we have heard of this. One thing is certain....the first four games and the last four games are different stories. Look here:

First four games 127 of 190, 1304 yards, 10 Tds, 4 Ints, 10 sacks, 66.8% and 6.9 yds/attempt
Last four games 76 of 136, 848 yards, 5 Tds, 6 INT, 14 sacks, 55.9% and 6.2 yds/attempt

Doesn't take a genius.....everything that should be up is down and everything that should be down is up.

Which introduces the question....if Sheehan isn't healthy, perhaps he shouldn't be playing, especially on a short week with Friday's game.

Again, I can only say this. Coach must believe that Tyler gives us a better chance to win than Glaud does, even with Tyler being hurt.

My opinion is that Tyler is our QB, and I think he has the ability (as he showed early in the early) to manage the offense and get us to the MAC Championship. Glaud may well have the ability, but right now, that ability is theoretical. I don't understand how people assume a guy is ready who never see him in any significant playing or practice time. He might be ready...I just don't know what makes people so sure.

In the meantime, until proven otherwise, Tyler is the future of this program.


BP said...

Wow, that's retarded.

Sheehan is way to good to sit on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan is a great div3 qg