Monday, November 05, 2018

Pelini Presser

Coach Pelini had his presser for this week.

There wasn't much newsy in it...and you wouldn't expect it at this point, especially with an interim coach. 

There were a couple interesting things.  Like three.

First, Roland Walder broke his ankle and is (obviously) out for the season.  Coach said he was just coming around and he reminded Roland that when he gets healthy he should remember what he is capable of.

Second, the part about Grant Loy was interesting.  If you think about it, Grant Loy is a lot more of the Nebraska-style QB than Doege is, and Pelini was remarking how much he liked Loy and than said something along the lines of  "but you can't switch your entire offense around at this point in the season."  So, I'd suspect we see Loy a little more in the coming games.

Third, Pelini has been spending a lot more time in the offensive "room."  Since he doesn't know offense, he is more of a devil's advocate, testing offensive plans with his acumen.

He says the offense needs to be better on first down and second down to keep BG out of 3rd and long.  If he does, then the Falcons might keep the defense off the field--he has noticed that after 70 snaps we have played "poorly."

You may see us gain depth by taking advantage of the new redshirt rule.  He mentioned Jevon Henderson specifically.


Frank said...

Is Andrew Clair hurt or in the dog house?

Orange said...

He’s injured