Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Falcons Trounce Tiffin (MBB)

BG got the expected result against Tiffin in their opener and that's a good thing.  In the past, the Falcons have let teams like the Dragons hang around and last year even went to OT with a non-D1 opponent.

This was how these games are supposed to look.  It was never in doubt.  BG went up 25-4 and cruised home to the 91-52 win.

Dylan Frye had a game...20 points on 8 of 12 and 4 of 7 shooting.  I think we all have thought he has been good but has the capacity to be really good, and if he can make shots like this, it's a difference maker for BG.  It's also an early game.

Wiggins double-doubled at 12 and 10.  Turner had 16 on 7 of 17 shooting.  Jeffrey Uju had 10 boards.  I had expected to BG to go small with Laster starting, but BG has been going with a taller lineup to start the season.  Other playing notes are that Matiss played 5 minutes and Gadson played 4.

All part of the patterns we will watch emerge.

So, 1 win down.  Ahead lie the two toughest games of the year, @St. John's and @VCU.  For now, BG did what they had to do in this one.

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