Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Loeffler it Is.

So, the news is in.  BG has named Scot Loeffler as its new head football coach.  Except for him QBing Michigan, (that's a joke, almost, although I did see OSU fans go to Fifth Third Field once just to boo Drew Henson) I believe this hire will be greeted with enthusiasm in the Falcon Nation.

Loeffler is from Barberton, OH, which is in the football belt over there by Akron.  He played at Michigan and then was an assistant there, so he knows his way around Ohio.  He then was the QB Coach at Florida, and then OC at Temple, Auburn, Virginia Tech and Boston College for the last 3 seasons.

He also coached for the Detroit Lions for one year, which is sort of a professional football team.

He's strictly an offensive guy, so it will be interesting to see how that might play out with our current defensive staff.  In fact, I don't know the last guy we hired who was a defensive coach.  It might be Blackney.  Anyway, we have some skills on offense, so someone to plug into that would be good on the immediate front.  Obviously, the heat is on to start recruiting.

Again, I think the fan base will be happy.  He's from Ohio, knows the area but also has been at some major programs.  He has been around good coaches and coached some very good QBs.  Time will tell...and regardless of who it is we won't know until at least two years are past because we're in a hole...but I think this is someone we can get behind.

Also, his wife went to BG so he has good taste in women.

I always think that you'd want someone who had been a head coach before, but everyone has to start somewhere and I do trust that we've talked to him to assess that (unlike the last time).  Moos has hired what appear to be two good head coaches so let's give this one a good shot.

Welcome to the Falcons, Scot.  Presser is tomorrow.  Beat Toledo.

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Frank said...

Met the "do it quick" criteria … and cheers to his taste in women!