Thursday, November 29, 2018

Loeffler Presser

So, it's done. 

Look, these things are pretty much the same every time.  Sadly, we have become familiar.  There's optimism, lofty goals, high principles, talk of championships, etc.  That always happens.

A couple observations.

First, it is 100% evident that this is a huge moment in the life of Scot Loeffler.  This is clearly a dream he has had for a long time and he's here now and he's landed in a spot where there is nowhere to go but up and where there is a chance to be a Champion.

I say that because of two observations.  First, he appeared to tear up when thanking his family for their support.  Second, he was evidently VERY nervous during his talk.

I don't say that to be critical.  He was nervous because of how important this is to him.  We've got a guy who has worked for a long time to be handed the keys and he knows how important this is.  He isn't coming in thinking he's bigger than the job.  He's lucky to have this opportunity and it showed.

I don't know if he'll win or not, time will tell.  I like a lot of things about him and I like that he cares enough about being here to be nervous about it.

We'll watch the next couple weeks, as the staff is brought in and any last recruits are landed.  Nick P said he has a reputation as a workaholic and asked him if he could delegate.  Of course, Scot said he could, but for right now, he's it anyway, so work away.

Moose said that he hopes not to see his recruiting company again for 10 years.  I'll add this as a Fan.  Let's not have another new coach introduction for 10 years, either.

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