Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sadness Accrues

At the Doyt late last night.  It was, as expected, a closely-matched game between two football teams that are not very good.  Sadly, our guys were not able to get the win.  There will be some more followup later, but for now I just wish our players could have gotten this win after the work and stress they have gone through.

Coach said that BG plays hard when behind but then lets down when they catch up and that fixing that is part of "learning how to win."  No doubt, BG doesn't have that.  They just made crucial errors in crunch time (along with many proceeding it) and fell to 1-8.

Again, more later.  In the meantime, BG moves through one of the worst seasons in its history.  BG's last 1 win season was 1953, but that's what looms in the window now.

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