Sunday, October 07, 2018

Jinks Post-game Presser

One last note from the Jinks presser.

Coach noted that BG had made some adjustments on offense, especially in the run game.  Specifically, he said that BG had brought in a second tight end to help the run game and then was going to stay in that until the WRs started to get some single coverage.  He said "I decided" when he talked about it.

Someone (I assume Nick P from the Blade) asked him if he was calling plays.  He said that it was a "collective effort" but he was involved in it.  When asked if he thought that would continue, he said "Yes."

I did notice after a late BG possession that he handed a playsheet to someone on the sideline.  I guess I didn't know who called the plays but I am assuming from the fact that the question was asked that Jinks did not call plays previously and has now inserted himself into that process.

Just another chance to note that the offensive assistants are the last coaches left from the original Jinks staff.

He was also asked if BG would stay with this set up moving forward, and he said that he could have to look at the film but that it "sure was nice" to get some consistency out of the run game.  Actually, it's the same adjustment he made at the end of season 1 when BG "found its identity" to be a running team and he brought some TEs in and went more old-school.

Note also that BG's line was intact with the exception of Caleb Bright, our C, who was on the bench due to his heat exhaustion in Atlanta.  Jack Kramer moved from G to C and Matt Tanner started at G.

Problem is that BG is not long on TEs.  Dorian Hendrix was in and actually was involved in the passing game as well.  Traylor was listed as having played as well.

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