Tuesday, October 16, 2018

On new coaches....

Just a few personal thoughts...

At some point in time, it was a natural move for a coordinator at OSU to coach in the MAC.  Today, they earn double what they would make in BG.  So many of the names being tossed out are just not even feasible.  (Elko, for example, makes 5x what Jinks made this year).

People tend to reach for coaches with BG ties, but honestly, I think that's a bad direction as well.  BG's best recent coaches (Meyer, Clawson, Babers, even Blackney) had no BG ties at all.  The one who did was Moe Ankney.

Also, Doyt Perry.

There was a good point on twitter, which is that we might be able to get ourselves out of the new coach cycle with someone who had BG ties, but I think the most probable route will be always being able to promote from within, as UT and NIU did.   (See Toledo Tom Amstutz, also).

I strongly favor someone with collegiate head coaching experience, which by definition means non-FBS experience.  I point you to Leipold, Martin and Creighton as good examples.  All three had huge winning records at DII or DIII.

Even more, we need a collegiate head coach with experience building a program, or preferably more.

I don't care if they run or pass.  I think there should be a commitment to a balanced team that plays well on both sides of the ball.

And a proven, show-stopping recruiter.

Obviously, that's a lot to ask for.  At the same time, this is a big job and BG needs to get the right person, who will be rewarded with eventual success.

One last point.  You'll see a lot of names brought forward.  The last 3 times BG hired a coach from outside the school, they picked someone that I hadn't see on any rumor boards.  I would suspect the same will be true here.


Frank said...

I've got the feeling the interim may get the job but with an whole new staff.

Orange said...

Well, it's not going to be a whole new staff because the defensive staff is all guys he brought with him. Probably a whole new offensive staff though. I'd say its trending that way, but we are still in the honeymoon--not even one game--and this guy does bring some baggage that the University will need to address at some time.

Frank said...

Besides, his 5 wins over 2 years at FAU is not impressive.

Orange said...

Yeah, I just think people should slow their roll on this, based on one press conference. FAU was awful when he got there...but let's have Moos survey the whole country and find the right guy.