Monday, October 08, 2018

Jinks Presser

A few interesting things....

First, Deric Phoutavong has a knee injury and will not return this year.  It's a shame.  Coach says he had really worked hard to get himself to being a top-flight WR, and then this happens just as he gets there.  Best to Deric as he rehabs.

Second, Coach did take a bigger hand in calling plays.  He said that he felt we needed a spark back in the Miami game (4th Quarter) and he feels like you can speed up the tempo better when you are on the sideline.

He talked about how UT came out in a three-man front, which surprised him, so even though we were down 17-0 as Coach he could decide we would run the ball six times to give the defense some rest.  Anyway, you'll see him with a play card moving forward.  (Currently, we have co-offensive coordinators, one for the run game and one for the pass game.)

The oline will be the same as it was for the UT game but only due to injury.

He was asked about special teams and he nodded in agreement.  First, the punt game.  He said he wasn't going to get into any of that.  He said that it remains an open competition.  The block was the fault of the shield, though, not Timmerman, but BG needs more consistency at punter.  Overall, this was an odd answer.  He finished saying he didn't want to talk too much about it "if that's ok" which kind of an unusual way to go with a question like that.

He also said that we haven't popped a return.  He said that all the injuries have forced him to choose between putting newer players out on special teams and tiring the starters out.

As usual, he says that we are getting better and looks forward to the sweet, soft landing of "parity" in MAC play.

It was noted that BG usually gets more up for UT than other games and how he would combat that this year.  I think that's a fair question.  He said it was a good question.  He said the team talked about "what winning looks like" and then described a lot of people hyped up for the rivalry game and they need to do it every game and "who knows what could happen."

He was asked if the misdirection runs were an identity for the team and he was smart enough not to go there again.

Finally, when he was asked by Jordan Strack to respond to the Briggs opinion column that anonymously quoted boosters and their very negative feelings about Coach Jinks, he said it was "unfair" not to him but to the players and the university.  He said that it would hurt recruiting and was unfair to players.

I initially tweeted about this but then read a couple other tweets and I saw the point he was talking about was donors taking anonymous cheap shots at the program.  I guess I understand what he was talking about.

Not entirely sure I agree, but I do see the point. 

I understand that when another MAC school sits down with a recruit and he is considering BG and that they will show him that article and tell them Jinks won't be at BG much longer. 

But it isn't like they can't see what's happening anyway.

It also isn't like you can go to the Athletic Department and ask them...all you're going to get is the same old stuff they have to say.  (If the Athletic Department truly believes this is on the right track they should extend Jinks and take ownership of the situation.)

Ultimately, there's no article if you aren't 7-23.  Losing is hurting recruiting.  Hiring a coach with no track record is hurting recruiting.  Not one article in The Blade that reflected the opinions of many people.


Anonymous said...

Offering an extension to Jinks would be tantamount to rewarding a poor regional sales rep for not losing more sales and then offering a bonus for same. More insane logic on display by BGSU

Ken said...

Looking at what Georgia Tech did to Louisville and what Miami did to Akron (who beat Northwestern I believe), I would encourage reserving judgment until the end of the season. There is the hope that our DC's plan plays out as expected and the defense gets better as the year goes on...

I like Jinks so much as a person, I am very much willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and watch the full season play out...